Monday, October 6

While You Were Sleeping: Reported Speech

This a very funny scene. Your students will enjoy it a lot. Tell me if you like it or give suggestions by leaving a comment, please.

Before you watch the segment:

Talk to a partner about the following situations. Decide what you would do:

1) What would you do if you saw someone falling on the subway tracks? Justify it.

2) If you saved someone's life, would you expect a financial reward? Why/Why not?

3) Would you hide a secret in order not to hurt a stranger's feelings? Why/Why not?

Now watch the movie segment and decide who said each of the following lines:

Lucy (Sandra Bullock)

A Doctor

A Nurse

A Police Officer

1) Will you marry me? ____________________________

2) Are you okay? _______________________________

3) There’s a train coming and it’s fast. ________________

4) Are you family? ______________________________

5) She’s his fiancée. _____________________________

6) I need to ask you a few questions. _________________

7) He is in a coma. ______________________________

8) He was pushed from the platform at the train station. ___

9) She jumped on the tracks. ______________________

10) She saved his life. _____________________________

Now rewrite the sentences, using reported speech:

EX: 1) Lucy asked if he would marry her.

2) Lucy asked if he was okay.

Grammar Goal: Reported Speech

• Choose an attractive movie segment with several characters

• Decide which verb tenses you want to assess

• Select a few lines from the segment with the target structures

• Students check which characters said them in the segment

• Students come up with indirect speech statements