Sunday, April 12

I, Robot: Future - Will

This segment provides you with an excellent opportunity to have students practice "will" to talk about the future. Here you can integrate listening, speaking and grammar in a contextualized manner. Besides, the segment is so gripping, full of food for thought and conversation!

Before watching the segment:

Discuss the following questions with a partner:

1) Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

2) How different will your city be in the year 2035?

3) How would you describe your city in 2035?

4) What will be better and what will be worse then?

5) Do you think robots will be common in 2035?

6) What tasks will robots have?

7) Will life be better if humans share their space with robots?

8) Would you like to have a personal robot to help/protect you?

Read the sentences below. Check the ones that you think will be true in Chicago, 2035.

( ) All electronic appliances are modern.

( ) People live in very comfortable homes.

( ) Mail is delivered by robots.

( ) People and robots share the streets.

( ) Robots walk dogs for their owners.

( ) Litter collecting is done by robots.

( ) People wear the same kinds of clothes we do today.

( ) Robots rob people.

( ) Robots protect people.

Now watch the movie segments and write the sentences above using will/won't, according to what you see in the segment.

Ex:1 -Not all electronic appliances will be modern.

2 - People won't live in comfortable homes.

3 - Mail will be delivered by robots.

Talk to a prtner:
1 - Do you think the film shows a possible reality of the future? Justify it.
2 - Would you like to live in a world like the one in the movie? Why (not)?
3 - What did you like best about the future presented in the segment?

How to develop your own video activity:

- Select a scene that takes place in the future.

- Have students work in pairs to predict what the future will be like in the future.

- Write some sentences with true and false information about the futur, according to the movie segment.

- The students check the ones they believe will be true by then.

- The students write affirmative or negative statements with the target grammar point about the items you have developed for the warm-up exercise.