Saturday, March 31

Avatar: Order of Adjectives

Avatar is a revolutionary movie with wonderful visual effects and a great story. I simply loved it and used the Na'Vis physical characteristics to practice the use of order of adjectives.

A. Watch the movie segment from the movie Avatar and put the adjectives below in the correct order. The scene shows the Na'Vis, the people who inhabit Pandora, and their relationship with nature. Take a look at the chart below to choose the correct order.

Types of adjectives:

Opinion: It explains what you think about somethig (other people may not agree with you). Examples: silly, beautiful, horrible, stupid)

Size: A size adjective tells how small or big something is. Examples: large, enormous, tiny, little.

Age: It tells you how young or old something or someone is. Examples: primitive, ancient, new, young, old.

Shape: It describes the shape of something. Examples: round, rectangular, flat, square.

Color: It describes colors. Examples: yellow, reddish, pale, pink, turquoise.

Origin: It describes where something comes from. Examples: lunar, French, eastern, Brazilian.

Material: It describes what something is made of. Examples: metal, cotton, paper, marble.

Purpose: It describes what something is used for. These adjective often end with Examples: sleeping (bag), roasting (tin), frying (pan).

1. Na'Vis are a race of (extraterrestrial / intelligent/ tall) humanoids who inhabit the (dense / lush / jungle) moon of Pandora.

2. Na'Vis have a (blue / bright / smooth) skin, accentuated with (thin/darker/cyan) stripes.

3. Their bodies have feline-like characteristics, such as (long/elegant/sweeping) tails, (beautiful/pointed /blue) ears, and (golden/large/ hypnotic) eyes.

4. They have a (v-shaped/upper/ wide) back.

5. They have developed a (evolved/ nervous/ complex) system.

6. They make use of (primitive/ effective/ wooden/ killing) weapons, such as a bow and arrows.



Answer key:

1. (intelligent/tall/extraterrestrial) / (dense/lush/jungle)

2. (smooth/bright/blue) / (thin/darker/cyan)

3. (elegant/long/sweeping) /(beautiful/pointed/blue) / (hypnotic/large/golden)

4. (wide/v-shaped/ upper)

5. (complex/evolved/nervous)

6. (effective/primitive/wooden/killing)