Sunday, October 18

Sleuth: Imperative Forms

This is a great movie with excellent actors. The scene shows one character giving his partner instructions on how to break into his house in order to simulate a robbery. It is perfect for the students to pratice imperative forms, giving instructions. The correct matching is in the order presented in the exercise, so you should mix sentences up when you prepare your own exercise sheet.

A. Talk to a partner and match the verb and the complement. There are many possible combinations.

1 obey
2 go and get
3 place
4 extend
5 climb up
6 keep
7 keep
8 watch
9 keep
10 don’t look

11 smash

( ) the rules
( ) the ladder
( ) the ladder against the wall
( ) the ladder
( ) the ladder
( ) calm
( ) coming
( ) your step
( ) going
( ) down
( ) the window

B. Watch the movie segment and check the matching according to what you see.

C. Now imagine you have to give instructions to your partner. You have to tell him or her how to get your bedroom and get your favorite CD or DVD. Remember: your partner does not know your house and you have to be very clear about them. Give him your house keys and start giving the instructions. Use IMPERATIVE FORMS.

D. Switch roles.