Wednesday, November 26

Downloading the Movie Segments

Many readers have asked me about downloading the segments. I'm not a technology expert, soI know only one way of downloading them. You can download the videos with real player. Download the free version at After you install it, all you'll have to do is to scroll the mouse over the screen and you'll be automatically offered the choice to download it. That's how I download youtube videos, and you can do it here too. Downloading the segment is easy. If you are not offered the option to download the segment, it is probably your realplayer's settings. You have to allow downloading videos from the web. When you open realplayer, go to Ferramentas (Tools), then Preferencias (Preference), finally Download e gravação (downloading and recording). There you'll have an option to click to activate downloads from the web and to show the button automatically. Just follow the steps and you should be able to do it. The terminology may be a bit different for my version is in Portuguese. If you still don't manage it, it might be the fact that some schools and colleges have filters for downloading. Then I cannot help it. There might be other ways. If you know another one, leave a comment giving instructions, please.