Sunday, May 10

Australia: Simple Past

Despite the fact this movie did not meet my expectations, the opening scene is good for basic learners studying the past simple tense for the first time. The characters speaks BROKEN ENGLISH, an aspect that is worth-mentioning to beginners.

For this blog, I wrote down the answers in blue to help you with the preparation.

A. Talk to a partner:

1- What do you know about Australia? Tell each other everything you know about it.
2- What is the Australian outback?
3- What do you know about the aboriginals?
4- How different do you think Australia is from your own country? Why?

B. Pay attention to Nullah narrating a few events that took place on that day. Because Nullah is an aboriginal who doesn't have much contact with white people, he doesn't speak English correctly. Watch the segment, underline the verbs that are incorrect in each of the sentences below and correct them.

This is Nullah

1 - My grandfather, King George, he take me to walkabouts.

2 - My grandfather teach me the most important lesson of all.

3 - That day, I see them, the white fellas, pushing bulls across the river.

4 - King George ________ angry at white fellas.

5 - The coppers come here to take me away.

6 - This story not begin that day.

7 - This story begin a little while ago in a land far, far away.

C. Talk to a different partner now. Decide what information about Australia presented in the movie segment was new to you and you didn't mention when you and your partner did exercise A.

D. Class discussion:

1. Summarize the story of the segment

2. Nullah is an aboriginal who does not have much contact with white people. How is that reflectd in the way he speaks?