Saturday, December 26

Imagine That: Non-Count Nouns Made Countables

A. Watch the movie segment. Then underline the non-count nouns in the sentences below. Next, use one of the the phrases below to make the non-count nouns you underlined countable.

a piece of

a grain of

a game of

a type (kind) of

a symbol of

an act of

an article of

a bolt (flash) of

a clap of

a drop of

a bowl of

a spoon of

1. They used flour to to make pancakes.

2. They melted butter to fry the pancake.

3. The dad showed that kindness can bring the family together.

4. He showed behavior that most parents don’t usually have with their children.

5. they prayed before the meal, which showed faith.

6. He threw the food away before eating it.

Possible Answers:

1. a bowl of flour
2. a spoon of butter
3. an act of kindness
4. a kind of behavior
5. a symbol (act) of faith
6. a piece of the food