Saturday, February 20

Coraline: Past Perfect x Simple Past

I loved this movie, but I believe many children might have been afraid at certain scenes of this highly creative film. I used it to have students combine sentences with the past perfect and simple past tenses.

A. Take a look at the pair of sentences below. Write 1 next to the action that took place first and 2 next to the one that took place later.

___ Coraline went through a purple tunnel.
___ She entered a beautiful, neat living room.

___ She smelled something good.
___ She saw her other mother cooking in the kitchen.

___ Coraline talked to her other mother in the kitchen.
___ Her father sang her a song.

___ Coraline ate some chicken.
___ She drank some mango milk shake.

___ She went to bed in a comfortable bedroom.
___ She saw and talked to her friends in the picture.

B. Now connect the sentences above using the past perfect tense for the action that took place first and the simple past tense for the action that took place later.

Ex: Coraline had gone through a purple tunnel when she entered a beautiful, neat living room.


How to prepare your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which there is a sequence of events.

• Prepare an exercise in which the students have to decide which action took place first.

• Students write 1 or 2 next to the actions, according to the order of the events in the segment

• Students combine both sentgences using the simple past or the past perfect tenses.