Saturday, March 13

Knowing: Simple Present

A. Watch the segment. It takes place in 1960. Then imagine the same situation in the movie, but nowadays. Make a list of 1o things that you usually do in your free time or about the world, talking about your routine. Your sentences will be placed in a capsule and people will open it in 2060.


I listen to music with my I-pod.

I eat pizza every Sunday.

1. __________________________
2. __________________________
3. __________________________
4. __________________________
5. __________________________
6. __________________________
8. __________________________
9. __________________________
10. _________________________


B. Exchange your list with another friend. Check which activities are similar to yours.

C. Now imagine you received a capsule from the future, Year 2060. Write three sentences about people's routine in 2060. Use your imagination and be creative:

Ex: We spend our vacation in a house on the moon.

1. _________________________________
2. _________________________________
3. _________________________________

D. Read your sentences to the class. Do you all have the same idea of the future? Which was your favorite one?