Saturday, June 19

My Life in Ruins: Get / Have Something Done (Passive Voice with Causative Verbs)

I really liked this comedy. Greece is simply fabulous and the views are fascinating. The story is very relaxing and funny too. I used many scenes for different activities. This is the first one of them. I used it to practice causative verbs GET and HAVE in passive constructions. It is an unconventional manner to practice such a barren, unnatractive grammar point.

I. Before viewing the segment, talk to a partner about the following questions.

1. Have you ever stayed at a very bad hotel? Tell you partner about it and how you managed to stay there.

2. Do you complain when there is a problem in your hotel room? What do you do if they do not resolve the problem for you?

3. Do you prefer to stay at a bad hotel that is very well located in the city or at a sophisticated hotel that is not so well located? Explain it.

II. Watch the movie segment and check the problems that you could identify in the Greek hotel.

1. ( ) The elevator

2. ( ) The air conditioning system

3. ( ) The mini bar

4. ( ) The shower

5. ( ) The toilet

6. ( ) The fan

7. ( ) The bed

8. ( ) The TV

9. ( ) The telephone

10. ( ) The closet

III. Fill in the blanks with the passive form of the verbs in parentheses.

1. The elevator needs repairing. The hotel needs to _____________ (get / fix).

2. The shower doesn't work properly. The m
anagers will ___________ (have/repair).

3. The toilet broke. Plumbers will ________________ (get/replace).

4. The TV stopped working. The hotel will __________(have/send) to the electrician.

5. The telephone is out of order. They will _______________ (get / reconnect) as soon as possible.

IV. Now write two sentences about the other problems you identified, using passive construction with get and have. Follow the patterns in exercise III.

V. Class discussion:

What would you do if you were in such a breathtaking place like Greece, but in that horrible hotel? Would you complain, demand to change rooms or hotels? Justify it.

Answer Key:


1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10


1. get it fixed
2. have it repaired
3. get it replaced
4. have it sent
5. get it reconnected