Saturday, June 5

Ice Age: Possessive Adjectives

Ice Age is one of my favorite animated movies. This scene is great and I used it to practice the use of adjective pronouns, not for beginners, but basic learners. I hope you enjoy it!

A. Watch the movie segment about an eskimo family that is attacked by a group of sabre-tooth tigers. Then complete the blanks with adjective pronouns.

My - Your - His - Her - Its - Our - Their

1. The eskimo tribe lived in the woods. The sabre-tooth tigers invaded __________ territory.

2. The eskimos had some dogs. They barked to warn _________ owners about the dangerous tigers.

3. Kinu, the eskimo, used ___________ spear to fight the tiger and protect ________ family.

4. Jana, the eskimo mother, held __________ baby before Diego, the tiger, attacked it. She would never leave _______ child behind.

5. The tiger grabbed ____________ necklace, but it didn't grab ___________ baby.

6. ________________ husband could not help her because of the tigers. Kinu wanted to help _______________ wife and child, but she ran away with _________ baby.

7. The dogs defended ______________ owner from the tigers.

8. The tigers were unhappy with Diego because of __________ incompetence to get the baby.

9. Kinu found _________ wife's necklace. _______________ friends followed him to look for _________ wife and child.

10. Did you like the segment? What's __________ opinion about it?

11. I (liked/didn't like) it. In ___________ opinion, the segment is (great / terrible / fantastic / etc).

Answer Key:

1. their
2. their
3. his / his
4. her / her
5. her / her
6. her / his / their
7. their
8. his (its)
9. his / his / his
10. your
11. my