Friday, January 14

Hachiko - A Dog's Story: Passive Voice with Simple Past

A - Talk to a partner.

1. Do you have a pet? Talk about it.

2. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

3. Is it important to have pets? Why?

4. When are pets helpful in a person's life? Explain it.

5. When are pets harmful to a person?

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having pets?

I. Watch the movie segment and check the alternatives with the actions that you managed to see during the scene.

1. ( ) A Japanese monk put the collar around Hachi's neck.

2. ( ) He put Hachi in a cage.

3. ( ) He took Hachi to a train station.

4. ( ) He fed Hachi.

5. ( ) A couple of guys picked Hachi up at the airport.

6. ( ) The baggage carrier accidentally dropped Hachi's cage on the station platform.

7. ( ) Someone found the broken cage.

8. ( ) Parker found and carried Hachi home.

II. Now rewrite the sentences above in the passive voice. Make sure you write affirmative or negative sentences according to the information presented in the segment.


1. The collar was put around Hachi's neck (by a Chinese monk).


Answer key:


All items are to be checked, except 4 and 7.


2. Hachi was put in a cage.

3. Hachi was taken to a subway station.

4. Hachi wasn't fed.

5. Hachi was picked up at the airport.

6. Hachi's cage was accidentally dropped on the station platform.

7. The broken cage wasn't found.

8. Hachi was found and carried home by Parker.