Friday, February 25

G-Force: Adjectives x Adverbs

This is another fantastic movie. I love the animation. The animals look like humans! I had to use this scene to practice choosing adjective or adverbs forms within a sentence.

I. First watch the movie segment. Then circle the correct form of the words in parentheses.

1. A lot of guests were walking (calm/calmly) in the garden before the party.

2. Speckles, one of the guinea pigs, can speak English (fluent/fluently)

3. The guinea pigs used very (modern/modernly) gadgets.

4. The man who Darwin, the guinea pig, was observing was wearing (expensive/expensively) clothes.

5. They can swim under the ocean (confident/confidently).

6. They communicate by giving each other (special/specially) information to synchronize their mission.

7. Darwin was a little (nervous/nervously) during the mission.

8. Juarez looked (extreme/extremely) sexy to Darwin's eyes.

II. Write down 2 sentences about the segment using the words below.

1. Intelligent ____________________________

2. Intelligently __________________________

3. Efficient _____________________________

4. Efficiently ____________________________


1 calmly

2 fluently

3 modern

4 expensive

5 confidently

6 special

7 nervous

8 extremely

II. Answers will vary