Saturday, June 25

Blindness: Modal Verb for Ability - CAN

Saramago's book had a decent adaptation, which was filmed in São Paulo. This intriguing scene is great for beginners to pracice the modal verb for ability CAN.

I Watch the movie segment and check the activities that the main character in the segment can do.

1. ( ) Drive home

2. ( ) Hear the car horns

3. ( ) Open the car window

4. ( ) Say what happened to him

5. ( ) Walk without any help

6. ( ) See the traffic light

7. ( ) Go home without any help

8. ( ) Call his wife for help

II. Now rewrite the sentences using CAN or CAN'T.


1. He can't drive.




2. He can hear the car horns

3. He can open the car window

4. He can say what happened to him

5. He can't walk without any help

6. He can't see the traffic light

7. He can't go home without help

8. He can't call his wife for help