Friday, September 30

Killers: Have You Ever... ? x Would You Ever...?

This movie did not meet my expectations, but this scene is perfect for contrasting the use of have you ever x would you ever.

I. Check the items with the activities that you have already done at least once in your life time.

1. swim in the ocean
2. buy a new dress (shirt) to go on a first date
3. go snorkling
4. sail on a yacht
5. fight with a stranger
6. give or receive flowers on a first date
7. lie on the first date
8. hide from your parents in a public place

II. Watch the segment and check who performs the activities above, the guy or the girl.

III. Ask a partner the following questions.

Follow the pattern:

S1 - Have you ever … (swum in the ocean)?
S2 - Yes, I have.


S1 - Have you ever swum in the ocean?
S2 - No, I haven't.
S3 - Would you ever swim in the ocean?
S2 - Yes, I would / Sure, I would / No, never.