Friday, October 28

An American Carol: In Case x In Case of

This a totally politically incorrect movie, full of misconceived stereotypes about the Arab world. Be selective when you use the segment, especially if you have students from Arab countries. It is a funny scene though. I used it to practice the use of In Case (of) in a contextualized manner.

A. Watch the movie segment and then read the sentences below. Then complete the blanks with IN CASE or IN CASE OF.

1. Ahman said they need a guest work program _____ the Taliban don't do their job.

Ahman said they need a guest work program _____ the Taliban's desistance.

2. They believe they need a new recruitment video ____ suicide bombers stop volunteering.

They believe they need a new recruitment video _____ lack of volunteers.

3. Ahmed is usually punctual ________ something delays him.

Ahmed is usually punctual ________ delays

4. Ahmed double checks his the address of the site ________ mistakes.

Ahmed double checks his address ________ there is a mistake.

5. Ahmed wears properly, wearing clothing that is loose enough to hide his explosives _______ someone becomes suspicious of the bomb.

He wears loose clothing _______ suspicion.

B. Talk to a partner:

1. How do you describe the stereotyped characters shown in the segment?

2. Is it fair to picture Arabs this way? Why (not)?

3. How would you describe the stereotypes of the people where you live?

4. Why were the characters shown the way they were in the segment?

5. How do you think your country is stereotyped by foreigners?



Answer Key:


1. In case / in case of

2. In case / in case of

3. In case / in case of

4. In case of / In case

5. In case / In case of