Friday, February 15

Johnny English Reborn: Imperative Forms

This is a really funny movie with a lot of scenes that can be used in the classroom. This funny one is wonderful for imperative forms.

I. Before watching the segment, put the words in the right order in order to make imperative sentences:

1. her / shut / up

2. up / lock / it

3. that / maintain / tone

4. confrontation / keep / avoid / eye-contact / and

5. table / go / the / stand / to / up / and / coffee

6. your / pocket / go / your / to / right

7. act / just / natural

8. trigger / pull / the

9. fire / hold / your

10. lose / don't him

II. Watch the segment now and check your answers.

III. Make a list with instructions for your partner to perform. Try to use make the scene as close as possible to the one you have just seen. If you prefer, you may make the scene completely different from the original one, but you must use imperative forms to give your instructions.

S1: Drink the magic potion and does whatever he is told.

S2: Gives the instructions/commands

Answer key:

Shut her up

lock it up

maintain that tone

avoid confrontation and keep eye-contact

 stand up and go to the coffee table

go to your right pocket

just act natural

pull the trigger

hold your fire

don't lose him