Sunday, August 9

Gran Torino: Modal Verb - Should (Advice)

A. Before viewing :

You and your partner will make a list of everything you know about China and its culture. Each piece of information scores 1 point. Your teacher will check which pair of students scored most points.

B. Write P (Polite) or I (Impolite) after the statements below. Make a guess! Which of the actions below are considered polite/impolite during a barbecue lunch according to the Hmong culture, an Asian ethnic group in the mountainous regions of southern China.

1- To eat cat meat (I)

2- To eat dog meat (I)

3 - To drink alcoholic beverages (P)

4 - To look at someone in the eyes (I)

5 - To touch the head of a person(I)

6 - To listen to the elderly (P)

7 - To eat very much (P)

C. Now watch the segment and decide whether your guesses were correct.

D. Imagine your partner is going to a barbecue in a Hmong family house. Rewrite the items above using should (NOT).



How to develop your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which the characters talk about social behavior.

- Write down a few of the recommendations given.

- The students decide whether they are appropiate or inappropriate behaviors.

- Students give advice using - should.