Tuesday, August 18

Monsters, Inc.: Present Continuous x Present Simple

This is a great movie and activity. This activity was published on Sabrina de Vita's blog, a very inspiring and resourceful site. Sabrina kindly sent me this activity to share with my readers and I'm proud to publish it here. The activity is great and so is the movie segment. This great activity will certainly foster your visiting her site. Sabrina is a consciencious educator and she also likes sharing, just like I do. All the activities and text below were developed by her. Here is what she says about herself on her blog.

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m an English teacher. I have studied at the teacher training college Joaquin V Gonzalez-At the moment, I’m working in the primary and secondary school: Saint Exupery. With BE the Real Thing we specialised in teaching ESP (Legal and Medical English) and Business English. We also give online classes.

Thanks a lot, Sabrina. Can't wait for more!

I will share with you one lesson plan I have prepared to revise the use of Present Simple and Present Continuous. It is based on this scene from the movie Monsters Inc.

And here go the activities:

1) Complete the sentences with the appropriate tense ( Present Simple and Present Continuous)

a) Every day, Sulley _______________ (drive) to work. However, today they ____________ (walk)

b) Right now, Mike _______________ (talk) to Sulley’s mum on the phone.

c) Afterwards, they often ______________ (watch) tv, but today they __________ (also / star) on a tv commercial.

d) Sulley and Mike _____________ (not exercise) together. Sulley ______ (do) his routine and Mike __________ (guide) him.

e) Then, Sulley always ______________ (brush) his teeth.

f) Sulley usually ____________ (get up) at 6:00 but today he ____________ (still/ sleep) at 6:05.

2) Watch the film and put the sentences in the correct order.

3) Write 5 sentences about what the monsters Sulley and Mike encounter on their way to work are doing at the moment.

4) Did you like the scene? Why (not)?

Hope you like it and find it useful. If you have used it, please share your experience with us. If you have more ideas to work with this particular film or with movies in general, don’t hesitate to share your views.