Monday, September 1

Undertaking Betty: There to be

Watch the video segment and fill in the blanks with there is/ there are/ there isn’t/ there aren’t:

1) ___________ two beds in the couple’s bedroom.

2) ___________ a dresser in their bedroom.

3) ___________ two mirrors over the dresser.

4) ___________ a green telephone in the old lady room.

5) ___________ a TV in her room

6) ___________ a home theater in the house.

7) ___________ two floors.

8) ___________ white cabinets on the kitchen wall.

9) ___________ a swimming pool.

10) ___________ only one table in the kitchen.

11) ___________ an intercom system in the house.

12) ___________ flowers on the window.

Now write sentences using there + to be (affirmative or negative) and cues below:

1) A beautiful garden - There isn’t a beautiful garden in the house.
2) Cats - ______________________________________________
3) Garage - ____________________________________________
4) Stairs - _____________________________________________
5) Cars in front of the house - _______________________________
6) Dogs - _____________________________________________

Discussion these questions. Talk to a partner:

1- Would you like to live in a house like the one in the movie segment? Why/Why not?

2 - Describe your house, using the verb there + to be.

3 - Where would your ideal house be?

4 - What would it look like?

How to prepare your own video activity:

Grammar Goal: There + To Be

• Select a segment in which the scene takes place in an environment (a house, a restaurant, an office, an airport) that can be described, using there is or there are

• Prepare an exercise for the students to fill in the blanks with the grammar goal

• The sentences in the exercise must contain true and false statements

• You may show the segment twice if there are many details to observe

• Students compare their answers after the first viewing

• Students do the written exercise

• Students write sentences about the segment, using the grammar goal.