Tuesday, September 2

Bee Movie: Simple Present

I simply love this animated movie. Bee Movie is really special, funny and carries a great message for everyone. I use one of the scenes to practice the simple present tense.


Martin Benson (Dad) and Janet Benson (Mom)


Check the characters who perform the following activities. Write (B) if it is Barry, (A) if it is Adam, (D) if it is Dad, and (M) if it is Mom.

( B ) wear only black and yellow clothes
( ) comb the hair in the morning
( ) spray honey deodorant every day
( ) serve breakfast
( ) use antennas to communicate
( ) sharpen the stinger
( ) read the newspaper during breakfast
( ) read the newspaper in the street
( ) like flying around the house
( ) drive a red car very fast in the city
( ) pick up a friend to go to school
( ) park the car perfectly

I. Write down sentences saying what the Bensons and Adam do everyday.

Ex: 1 - Barry wears only black and yellow clothes.
2 - __________________________________
3 - __________________________________

II . Write down 3 things The Bensons or Adam don’t do in the morning.

Ex: 1 – Adam doesn’t have breakfast with the Bensons.
2 – ______________________________________
3 - ______________________________________

How to prepare your own video activity:

Grammar Goal: Simple Present Tense - Affirmative and Negative Statements

• Select a scene in which the characters’ routines are evident
• Identify the characters in the segment
• List some of the activities the characters perform in the segment
• Students write the name of the characters who perform such activities
• Students write complete sentences, using the simple present tense