Monday, September 1

The Village: Modal Verbs (Possibility: Might/ Must)

I loved this movie although many people didn't. I like the way the director wraps up the movie, explaining how legends come up. I used the scene to practice modals for speculation.

Watch the video segment and come up with 2 possible directions for the story. Write 2 sentences using might/must + verb to say what might happen to the characters in the movie.

Part 1: a) He might see a stranger in the village.
b) He might get hurt.

Part 2: a) _____________________________________
b) __________________________________________

Part 3: a) _____________________________________
b) __________________________________________

How to prepare your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which several unexpected events will take place
- Pause the segment on several thrilling spots
- Tell the students to use their imagination to predict what might happen next
- Have them write at least 2 different versions for the continuation of the scene
- Repeat the process a few times
- Check whether the students are good guessers.