Monday, September 1

Urban Legend: Past Modal Verbs – Should have + Past Participle

This is an average movie with several sequels that did not meet my expectations. Because this scene is full of wrong choices and regrets, I used it to practice the use of past modals expressing regrets. Check out your audience first. Too sensitive students may not like it.

Urban Legend: (Total 4’28)

Check only the items in which the main character's decisions were wrong.

1) The girl traveled alone by car on a stormy day. ( )

2) She filled up the gas tank at a desolate gas station. ( )

3) She used a credit card to pay for the gas. ( )

4) She left the car to go to the gas station store. ( )

5) She didn’t listen to what the gas station worker had to say. ( )

6) She used pepper spray to get rid of the gas station worker. ( )

7) She left the gas station in a hurry. ( )

8) She didn’t check the backseat. ( )

Now rewrite the sentences expressing regrets.

1 -The girl shouldn’t have traveled alone by car on such a rainy day.

2 - She shouldn’t have filled up the gas tank at a desolate gas station.
How to prepare your own video activity:

• Choose a movie segment in which the characters do not act properly or regret their actions

• Prepare a checklist of the things he/she did or did not do

• Students check the characters' wrong choices or decisions

• Students write sentences expressing regret - should (not) have done

Watch the movie segment here: