Tuesday, September 2

Lady in the Water: Included Questions

I must admit that this is the weakest Shyamalan's movie, in my opinion, but this scene is just perfect to practice included / embedded questions.

Read the following questions and decide who asked them
in the segment you will watch. Write ( S ) if Story asked
it, and ( C ) if Cleveland did it.

1) ( ) Did you pull me out?

2) ( ) Where are you from?

3) ( ) Is that an apartment?

4)( ) Do you feel an awakening?

5)( ) Why am I not stuttering?

6)( ) Where did you learn that?

7)( ) Why are you scared?

8)( ) Are you okay?

Now rewrite the sentences above, asking the same questions politely by saying Do you know… ? or Can you tell me… ?

EX: 1) Can you tell me if you pulled me out?

2) Can you tell me where you are from?

Answer Key:

1. S 2 C 3 C 4S 5C 6C 7C 8C 9C

B. Answers may vary:

3. do you know if it is an apartment
4. Can you tell me if you feel an awakening?
5. I'd like to know why I'm not stuttering
6. Can you tell me where you learned that?
7. Do you mind telling me why you are scared?
8. Can you tell me if you are okay?

How to prepare your own video activity:

• Select a scene in which several questions are asked

• Choose questions whose verb tenses suit your class

• Ask the students to identify the characters who said them in the segment.

• Ask the students to rewrite the questions politely, using indirect questions.

Watch the movie segment here: