Saturday, April 3

Freedom Writers: Indirect Questions

Being a teacher, I must recommend this brilliant movie about teaching. It is one of my all time favorites. A must see. I took advantage of this scene to practice the use of indirect and direct questions in an amusing manner.

I. Work in pairs. Interview each other by asking the following questions:

1. Do you have the Snoop Dogg's new album?

2. Have you seen "Boyz in the Hood"?

3. Who lives in the Projects?

4. Do you know anyone who is in Juvenile Hall?

5. Have you been in Juvenile Hall for any length of time?

6. Do you know where to get drugs right now?

7. Do you know anyone in a gang?

8. Are you a gang member?

9. Have you lost a friend to gang violence?

10. Have you lost more than one friend?

II. Now rewrite the sentences above using indirect questions. Follow the model.

1. I want to know how many of you have Snoop Dogg's new album.

2. How many of you ...

3. How many of you ...

4. How many of you ...

5. How many of you...

6. How many of you ...

7. How many of you ...

8. How many of you ...

9. Stand in the line if you ...

10. Stand in the line if you ...

III. Now watch the movie segment from the movie Freedom Writers and check your answers.

IV. Play the game the teacher and students in the segment did. Each student writes down 3 yes/no questions about what he/she'd like to learn about his/her classmates on a piece of paper and give it to your teacher.

V. The teacher draws a line on the floor and asks the students questions saying how many of you... and asks one student to say the same questions using direct speech.

Ex: Teacher: How many of you are suffering from a broken heart now?

The sts who are suffering of a broken heart stand on the line.

Teacher says: Student 1!

Student 1: Are you suffering from a broken heart now?