Saturday, August 14

My Life in Ruins: Like to (Verb) x Like (Noun)

I like this comedy a lot. It shows Greece and tourists visiting the country with a fun, critic view about tour guides and tourists. I used this scene for the students to decide whether to use LIKE or LIKE TO, a simple grammar point beginners get confused with.

I. Watch the movie segment and circle the best alternative.

1. When people come to Greece, they like / like to see the ancient ruins.

2. Tourists also like / like to bask in history.

3. They like / like to be a part of the birthplace of civilization.

4. She likes / likes to the beauty and architecture of ancient Greece.

5. She doesn't like / doesn't like to modern Greece.

6. She also doesn't like / like to work as a tourist guide.

II. Write down 4 sentences saying what you like about the city where you live and and 4 sentences about what you like to do there.


I like the city park

I like to ride a bike near the lake.