Saturday, August 28

The Longest Yard: The Subjunctive

A. The subjunctive form of a verb is used following verbs or adjectives of urgency, obligation or advisability. Write the words below under the correct column.

Demand - Critical - Insist - Crucial - Propose - Desirable - Request - Essential - Recommend - Important - Suggest - Necessary - Imperative


Ex: Demand / Critical


Verbs and adjectives that don't express urgency, obligation or advisability don't need the subjunctive

B. Now watch the movie segment and choose the correct alternative for the items below. Make sure you decide whether you will use affirmative or negative form according to the information presented in the movie segment.

1. Paul Crewe thinks that the police are / aren't / be / not be party poopers.

2. It's essential that a drunk driver respects / doesn't respect / respect / not respect a police officer.

3. The officer demanded that Paul left / didn't leave / leave / not leave the vehicle.

4. It's critical that Paul drinks / doesn't drink / drink / not drink while or before driving.

5. According to the reporter, it's imperative that a football player is / isn't / be / not be accused of shaving points*.

* Shaving points in football is to articificially control the score of the game (using the players) so the game score comes in within a certain range. Usually done to manipulate the Las Vegas betting odds.

6. Paul's girlfriend insisted that he got / didn't get / get / not get one more scratch on her car.

7. He hoped everyone liked / didn't like / like / not like the accident he caused.

8. It is crucial that Paul gets / doesn't get / get / not get arrested because of the absurd mess he caused to the city.

C. Class discussion:

- What should happen to Paul Crewe? Should he go to jail, have an alternative sentence like helping the community or assist in institutions, or something else? For how long? Explain it.


Answer Key:

1. are

2. respect

3. leave

4. not drink

5. not be

6. not get

7. liked

8. get