Friday, April 1

Mr Bean's Holiday: Wh - Questions with Simple Past

Mr. Bean is always funny and great for grammar practice because there are always a lot of actions to be described. I used this scene to have students practice asking questions in the simple past tense. By the way, the scene is memorable. I love it!

I. Before you watch the movie segment make a guess and choose the answer that will best complete the sentences.

1. He placed a handkerchief on the sidewalk / on a car / under a tree.

2. A DJ / Mr Bean / A boy played the song Boombastic.

3. Mr. Bean put a hat / a lady's cardigan/ a woman's dress on his head.

4. A passer-by / a police officer / a taxi driver/ started filming Mr. Bean with the boy.

5. Mr. Bean carried the boy and placed him on his shoulder / on the ground / in the street.

6. Mr. Bean dubbed "O Mio Bambino Caro" well/ desperately / tragically.

7. The scene took place during the night / in the afternoon / at 5:50 am.

II. Now write wh-questions to the answers you chose in exercise I.


1. (on the sidewalk) - Where did he place a handkerchief?

2. ___________________________

3. ___________________________

4. ___________________________

5. ___________________________

6. ___________________________

7. ___________________________


Answer key:


1. on the sidewalk

2. The DJ

3. a lady's cardigan

4. A passer-by

5. on the ground

6. all the alternatives are possible

7. in the afternoon


2. Who played the song Boombastic?

3. What did he put on his head?

4. Who started filming Mr. Bean with the boy?

5. Where did he place the boy?

6. How did he dub "O Mio Bambino Caro"?

7. When did the scene take place?