Monday, April 11

My Cinematic Alphabet

I've seen this même going around the blogs lately, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Unsurprisingly, picking a favorite for some letters was impossible because of the limited options (X2 was pretty much alone) or because I had so many choices (I actually wasted time stressing over whether to sub Playtime for Phantom of the Paradise, Repulsion or Rio Bravo for The Red Shoes, McCabe & Mrs. Miller for Miami Vice and The Straits of Love and Hate or Sansho the Bailiff for Sweetie). But I went with my gut and I've think I've got a decent range here. I've not repeated any directors, which was surprisingly difficult.

A is for A.I. Artificial Intelligence

B is for Bringing Out the Dead

C is for Chungking Express

D is for Déjà Vu

E is for Evil Dead II

F is for Fearless

G is for Grand Illusion

H is for Hoop Dreams

I is for I Was Born, But...

J is for Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

K is for Kill Bill

L is for Lola Montès

M is for Miami Vice

N is for The Night of the Hunter

O is for Only Angels Have Wings

P is for Phantom of the Paradise

Q is for Quiz Show

R is for The Red Shoes

S is for Sweetie

T is for Two or Three Things I Know About Her

U is for An Unmarried Woman

V is for Videodrome

W is for Walkabout

X is for X2: X-Men United

Y is for Yi Yi

Z is for Zodiac