Friday, March 18

Up in the Air: Simple Present x Simple Past

This movie is really nice and the scene is perfect to contrast the uses of the simple present and simple past tenses.

I. Work in small groups. Make a list of activities you do every time you travel by plane. Think about what you do during the day until the plane takes off. Make sure you mention the steps you take at home and at the airport too.


I make my bags.
I shave.

II. Watch the movie segment and check which of the activities you listed in Exercise I George Clooney's character did that day.

III. Now write 5 sentences saying what he did in the segment that you did not list in exercise II.

Ex: He took off his shoes at the airport.

IV. Now write sentences saying 5 things from your list that he didn't do before traveling.

Ex: He didn't shave.